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Your FINAL Application Deadline Is 
Sunday April 28 @ 11:59PM PST!
Give Us 3 Days and We'll Show You How to Start Pulling In $20,000 Per Month Working Only 3 Days a Week - AND ZERO WEEKENDS!
(...And NO, You Won’t Have to Do Any Kids Cuts or Sell Those Scammy Multi-Level Marketing Products to Pull It Off...)
We’ve heard it over a thousand times… 

Hair stylist and artist feeling trapped inside their own businesses. 

Having all their time and energy suffocated by the demands of being fully booked. 

Peeling themselves out of bed every morning and dreading the marathon of nightmare clients who only pay $50-$150 per appointment. 

Maybe you can relate too? 

It’s almost like what once seemed like a good idea to “become your own boss” and follow your passion as an artist… 

...Quickly Became a self-imposed prison with several “micro-bosses” disguised as clients with complete control over your life...

...and no matter how many classes you took or certifications you collected - the results were the same.
There's a NEW & Better Way to Escape Being Shackled to the Salon.
Sure, you were bringing home decent money - but you had to sacrifice your time, energy, health and social life to get it.

And now there seems to be no way out of this prison without either completely changing careers or scaling back your hours and taking a massive pay-cut - as if it wasn't bad enough already...

Listen, I get it.

Every one of us here at BMS has been there before.

And the good news is, switching careers and taking pay-cuts is NOT necessary.
I'll Tell You About It In Just a Minute...
...I want to be very clear about something that is critical for every artist to understand.


There’s a reason hair stylists regularly find themselves...
  Barricaded behind their chair from sun-up to sun-down...
Squeezing in a sip of diet-coke and a bite of granola for “lunch” in between clients.
  Coming Home Exhausted With Little to NO Energy Left for Themselves or Their Families
Stressing over taking time off because they know every day they’re not standing behind the chair is a day their losing money.
  Trying to Deal with the Guilt & Shame of Working So Much - For So Little - That They Miss Out On Happy Hours with Friends, and Sometimes Even Their Kids Events.
Being stressed and feeling so overwhelmed that you lose all patients and snap at your kids for acting their age…(and drift apart from your relationships)
It’s NOT because you are so busy - although that has a lot to do with it.

It’s because you've been LIED to.

In fact, 

There’s 7 Particular Lies and Adopted Beliefs you have that are responsible for the “burn out” and “bondage” you feel and experience.

And 99% of the certifications, schools and “educators” are the ones spreading it.

Let's take a look at them one by one...
THE 7 
(...And the 7 Truths That Will Set You Free...)
LIE #1:
Working More = More Money
This might’ve been true in the beginning when you were spinning around in your chair waiting for walk-ins. 

But eventually you build a decent book of business and your “hours” begin to dwindle… 

...but the long held belief that working more = more money is still alive and driving your behavior. 

As a result, 

You work later than you originally wanted... slowly start opening up more hours over the weekend in hopes to create some extra hours on your schedule to make just a few extra bucks. 

And before you know it you have no time left and the chains to your chair get heavier and heavier.
When You Become a Big Money Stylist You'll Learn That Working SMARTER Is How You Make More Money...
You’ll Learn How to Leverage Proven Strategies That Get Your Ideal Clients In Your Chair, at Higher Price Points, and Only Require You Being In the Salon Just a Few Days a Week.
LIE #2:
Getting More Clients = More Money
Let’s say you have a client who’s worth $120 per appointment - and that client takes up 2 hours of your time. 


Using that math you could squeeze 6 clients in your schedule on a 12 hour day.

Now play that out throughout the week and you have 30-36 clients per week…

...which is 120-144 clients per month.


Now consider the energy and time it takes to manage all those the chaos that tags along with it...

...and you’ve got yourself a recipe for burnout - with 'nothing' in your personal bank to show for it...
Getting LESS Clients - But MORE of the RIGHT Clients - Is How You Make More Money While Freeing Up Your Time...
Arm Yourself with a Proven System to Attract Your DREAM Clients (No more $50 Men’s cuts with $10 tips), So You Can Ultimately Stop Slaving Behind the Chair & Get Paid What You Are Worth.
LIE #3:
Putting In Your Time = More Money
Answer this...

Putting your time into what?

There’s thousand’s of different techniques, methods and specialties you can pour your time and energy into.

But simply being busy and “putting time into” random hair-shit is NOT going to lead to more dollars in your bank account or more free time for yourself.
Big Money Stylists Understand the Power of Focused, Relevant Activity
Become ELITE at Focusing On Very Specific Pieces of the Hair Game That Lead You to Becoming the Elite Go-to Specialist In Your Area, With a WAITING List of High-End Clients.
LIE #4:
Being A Great Stylist = More Money
Simply being great at your craft isn’t enough. 

There’s a shit load of starving expert artists that made the mistake of believing that “as long you’re amazing at what you do, people will magically find you”.
You Must ALSO Be Great at Getting the Right Clients In Your Chair.
To the Point Where You're Forced to Create a Waiting List. 

You’ll Learn the Exact Step-by-Step System We Use to Pull This Off at BMSCon4
LIE #5:
Putting Your Clients Wants and Needs In Front of Your Own = More Money
No other lie will shackle you to your salon and hold your social life hostage more than this one. 


Your clients calendar is NOT more important than yours.

Their families are NOT any more important than yours.

Their happiness, time and energy is NOT more important than yours.

When you make the mistake of believing that it is, you become the Personal SLAVE to each and every one of your clients.
YOU Are the Prize
(...NOT the Client...)
The Way You’ll Do Business Will Be Completely Different From the Amateurs In Your Area.

Not Only Will Your Potential Clients Have to Apply to Work With You, You Will Be Interviewing Them to Make Sure THEY Are a Good Fit for YOU - Not the Other Way Around. Your Calendar Will Be Set In Stone, and It's Up to Them to Bend THEIR Schedules to Fit YOURS!

We’ll Show You How to Create This System In a Way That Doesn’t Offend or Repel Your Ideal Clients.
LIE #6:
Being Busy On Social Media = More Money
Your false popularity on your social media doesn’t lead to profitability in your business. 

You can’t deposit “likes” into your bank account. 

And those comments and followers don’t do you any good if they’re not your ideal high-end clients who are willing to hand you $1,000- $1,500 per visit.
Your Social Media Strategy Should Be Designed for ONE THING: Get APPLICATIONS.
When You Enroll In BMSCon4 You'll Learn the Simple Yet Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategy That Consistently Generates Applications On a Daily Basis That Leads to Your Ideal Clients Sitting in Your Chair - Which Ultimately Means More Cash In Your Bank Account.
LIE #7:
You Can Do It All Alone
Isolation is never the best answer to getting “unstuck” and leveling up.

Trying to “figure it out as you go” may work up to a certain point.

But eventually you hit a sticking point in your business and it becomes apparent that the person you were...

...with the skill sets and mindsets you had...

...that led you to the place you’re at...

....can’t be same skill sets and mindsets to get you out.
Leverage the Systems, Strategies, Tools and Techniques Proven to Work By Hundreds of Successful Artists...
At Some Point You’ll Need to Leverage the Experience & Guidance From Artists Who Are Making the Money You Want to Make, and Who Have the Time, Space & Freedom You Want to Have.

Inside Big Money Stylist You’ll Gain Access to Artists Who Have Embarked On the Same Exact Journey That Awaits You - And They Will Tell You Exactly Where to Go and What to Look Out For.

You'll Be Able to Lean On All of Us to Support You In Your Journey, Knowing Hundreds Before You Have Proven This to WORK  So That You Don't Have to Figure It All Out On Your Own.
Those 7 destructive lies have led you into playing a “lose-lose” game where you’re forced to make a decision between… 
  Sacrificing your freedom by working more hours to make more money. 
  Sacrificing your income by working less hours to get more freedom.
But There's a NEW Revolutionary System For Hair Stylists That Doesn’t Require You to Make That Decision.
In fact, 

You will be able to double your income while cutting your hours “behind the chair” in half…

…just by simply combining the Natural Beaded Rows® Hair Extensions Method with the powerful BMS Sales and Marketing Strategies.
Here's How Your Life Will Look Like...
After You Attend BMS CON4, Get Your NBR® Certification and Level Up Your Hair Stylist Business...
You Will no longer need to support your business as a workaholic running on fumes…
...your business will be the one that supports you and provides you the lifestyle you actually want.
No More Bending over backwards to cater to your clients schedule and every demand…
...they’ll value your time and your expertise + we’ll show you how to set up a scheduling system that puts you in charge - not your clients.
No more energy vampires sitting in your chair who drain the life out of you…
...using our application process you’ll be able to sift through application's and pick the people you actually want to work with. 

The people who give you energy and make the time you spend behind the chair enjoyable.
You won't have to waste your time doing mens and kids cuts - or anything else that's outside of your passion & expertise...
...using the NBR® Method we’ll help you choose a niche and show you the exact steps you should take to become the go-to expert in your area...

....with a waiting list of clients who fit the description of who you want to work with as an artist.
Collecting thousands of dollars in a day will become normal to you…
The NBR® method will open the door for you to start charging $1,500 for a single appointment.
AND, when you’re charging $1,500 for a single appointment...

...all you need is 16 appointments per month (4 per week) to haul in $25k.
Which Also Means…
  No more missing out happy hours
  No more missing your children’s events
  You’ll be able to drop your kids off at school and/or pick them up every day if you want.
  Taking stress free vacations.
  Getting back into exercise and fitness.
  Reconnecting with your hobbies.
  Being present, energized and fully engaged with your friends and family.
  Having stability and predictability with your time and your finances.
Meet Anianne Rivera - NBR® Student Turned BMS Coach...
10 Steps to $20k/mo Working Only 3 Days a Week in the Salon
Now, BMSCon4 Is Not Your Grandma's Event...
(...Nor Is It Your Typical Hair Convention...)
We do things differently.

This isn’t one of those events where we you buy a ticket and we don’t see or talk to you until the event.

It’s also not one of those events where we load you up with a bunch of information that’s just going to make us sound smart - but overwhelm you to the point where it’s difficult to use anything we share with you.
Our Focus Is On ONE THING: 
Make Sure You Get RESULTS...
...Helping You EXCEL At Your Craft  and Significantly Increase Your Profitability...
...So You Can Ultimately STOP Slaving Behind the Chair & Get Paid What You Are Worth - Even While Working LESS!
You'll Shown the NBR® Method Step-by-Step, with Ample Time to Focus In Your Technique and Get You CONFIDENT.
At Hair Shows, the Education Is Rushed and Generic at Best. 

Not Here. 

We Get Thorough, to Ensure You Know Exactly How to Use the NBR® System With Confidence for Your Clients.
We're Not Holding Back. 

Hair Strategy, Style, Cutting, Placement, and the Whole Nine Yards - We're Going Through Every EVERYTHING!
When You Leave with Your NBR® Certification In Hand, You'll Be Ready to Offer Your Clients an Elite, Beautiful Experience for Their Hair...
We're Not Just Talking Hair Either...
Too many hair shows never even talk a lick about modern business, and how to structure it in your favor. 

We're going fully dive into how to structure your business for large profits and large amounts of freedom.
Advertising, social media, blog posts... it can be confusing. 

We've discovered a streamlined process for creating high-quality hair leads, and we'll break it down for you to use the exact strategy we use.
While NBR® is the science, we'll show you can inject your own ART into it - making it your own, unique experiential technique for your clients.
Current trends, secrets, discoveries and insights about the right kind of hair to use - and definitely what NOT to do.
Plus, You'll Get Far More Than the ELITE BMSCon4 LIVE 3-Day Experience...
We use a Two-phased system to teach you everything you need to know to make 6-figures every year without working weekends or late in the evenings.

Each phase is specifically designed for you to produce maximum results, quickly.

Beginning with Phase 1:
If there was a “secret sauce” to why BMSCon works... would be the “pre-event” training.


Because it allows you to learn (and begin to implement) all the basics behind the NBR® Method and the BMS Sales and Marketing Systems BEFORE you walk through the doors for your 3-Day BMSCon Experience.
After you complete your application, get accepted, and make the final leap you’ll get access to the BMS University.

Once inside, you'll have access to the COMPLETE Natural Beaded Rows® Deep-Dive Training Program...

...and you'll be taken through a Proven Process to Help you Accelerate your Journey Towards Mastering the NBR® Method!

This allows us to focus all our time and energy on working closely with you at the event to make sure you’re confident utilizing all the tools, techniques, strategies and systems you’ll be getting your hands on. 

Think of it like this,

The Pre-Event Training is where we’ll help you light your fire…

...BMS CON 4 Is where we'll pour gasoline on it.

Which rolls us right into Phase Two...
Your 3-Day LIVE Experience at BMSCon4 Nov 20-22, 2019 with 349 Passionate ELITE Artists Just Like Yourself...

I guess the only question left is…

Are You READY?
  Are You Ready to Get Rid of Your Vampire Clients?
  Cut the Hours You Spend Behind the Chair In Half?
  Double the Profits You Take Home Every Month?
  Regain Control of Your Social Life, Energy and Health?
  ...and Escape the 12 Hour Marathon Shifts Once and For All?
If So...
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In fact,

BMSCon2 sold-out in less than 4 weeks...

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Even we were shocked...

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So make no mistake...

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But if you’re serious about unchaining yourself from your salon chair…

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