Finally: NATIONWIDE NBR® Classes!
Become a NBR® Specialist When You Accept Your Invitation to Your 2-Day NBR® Intensive Experience!
Stop Slaving Behind the Chair: Join the NBR® Tribe to Double, Triple or Even QUADRUPLE Your Take Home Income While Cutting Your “Behind the Chair” Hours In Half Like Hundreds of Stylists Have Done Before You!
"I Tripled My Numbers...BMS Has Opened Up So Many Doors For My Personal Life, and My Business..."
"Went From $5k/mo to $13k/mo In Less Than a Year, and Turned Her Marriage From Need to WANT!"
"I Just Wanted to Put My Kids to Bed... Now I'm Working Less, But Making More - And I Have Family Time!"
"My Family Life... My Business Life... Everything Has Changed. I'm Self Made, and I Have Confidence!"
Limited Seats Available: Accept Your Invitation to Become a NBR® Specialist TODAY!
Nation-Wide NBR® Classes with Certified NBR® Trainers (Limited Seats & Dates Available)
 Each Class Is Limited to 15 Artists.
  The LEAD Trainer of BMS, Anianne Rivera, is leading the training inside ALL NBR® Intensives in January & February.
 April 5-6, 2020 - SOLD OUT
 Laguna Beach California at the BMS HQ with Danielle K. White & Anianne Rivera
 April 13-14, 2020 - 1 Seat Left
 Raleigh North Carolina at the Garnish Extension Studio with Candice Motley & Anianne Rivera
 April 19-20, 2020 - 2 Seats Left
 Houston Texas at the Amanda K. Styling Salon with Amanda Kelly & Anianne Rivera
 April 26-27,2020 - SOLD OUT
Lansing, Michigan at The Standard Salon with Carlos Alvarez & Anianne Rivera
Your 2-Day NBR® Class Includes...
 4 Weeks of Pre-training, Including a LIVE Training Call with Your Personal NBR® Trainer(s).
 Life-time Access to a NEW In-depth NBR® Training Program updated with improved techniques for even faster installation, and better results.
 The Official NBR® Kit with the Best Tools for Elite NBR® Artists.
 Practice Wefts.
 Max 15 Artists Per Class So Everyone Get Personalized Training.
Upon Graduation, You'll Get...
 Your Certification of Completion
 An Invitation to Join the DKW Styling Academy Mastermind so you can Get Complete Access to the Entire ISLA Hand-Tied Hairline...

...and so you can not only Continue to Enhance Your Skills As a NBR® Artist, but also Learn the Art & Science of Attracting Your Dream Clients, and How to Effectively Build & Expand Your Salon - and so much more!
Apply For the 2-Day NBR® Intensive Experience TODAY!
 You'll Need Your Cosmetology License and a Valid ID
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Witness the NBR® Transformations by the DKW Styling Salon.
ISLA Hand-Tied Hair by NBR®
ISLA Hand-Tied Hair has been specifically designed for the NBR® Method, and supports our mission of giving you a more natural and fuller appearance, softer and better color blends, while also ensuring your hair extensions not only look healthy, but also lasts much longer.

It's all 100% Remy Hair, comes with Less Silicone for a more natural look and instant “fluffiness”, and the color is pre-rooted and pre-toned for amazing blends.  

AND, the Cuticle is INTACT: For YOU, this means less tangle, less shed, and more longevity.

Plus, ISLA Hair is double drawn which results in thick, full hair from roots to ends; meaning NO more thin ends, and the hair Blends Beautifully with all hair lengths - even if you have chin length bobs.
Meet Your NBR® Trainers
Danielle K. White
 Your Trainer In Laguna Beach, CA @ DKW Styling Salon
Danielle initially created NBR® as a solution for her own fine, thin hair - but educating was not an idea she considered in the beginning. Little by little she realized how much her life was transforming. She was making more money, working less days, and had more free time than ever before to spend with her family. It was then she knew she couldn’t keep it a secret.

That is when she opened her first salon, DKW Styling.
Danielle began holding NBR® classes here but quickly realized learning the art of NBR wasn’t enough, stylists needed guidance with something that is NOT taught in hair school, business and marketing.

That is when BMS was born, and after hosting NBR® Classes since 2011, Danielle expanded with BMS classes in 2016, education on the Art - NBR®, and education on the business, marketing, and sales - BMS. The artists began seeing massive changes in their life in just a few months time.

These results drove her to spend years evolving and growing the education into DKW Styling ACADEMY, a place for artists to learn not only BEHIND the chair, but FRONT of the chair as well, and a community of artists supporting artists from around the world.
Anianne Rivera
 Your Trainer In Laguna Beach, CA @ DKW Styling Salon
When standing on stage, Ani breathes a furious combo of passion, care, and tough love to the 1000's of students of BMS from across the world.

But it wasn't always that way.

Anianne Rivera started in a humble salon in St. Louis, Missouri, and spent 6 tireless years preparing for what has become the adventure of a lifetime.

4 years ago, she discovered Big Money Stylist while it was just in its infancy and attend the first ever BMS class. She dedicated her world to becoming a successful stylist and artist in her craft, and quickly rose to be the program's number 1 student.

But her passion didn't stop there. She saw need all over the world to help stylists break free from the status quo of the struggling hair stylist. Feeling compelled, she left her salon after growing it to multiple six figures, closed her doors, and packed her bags to California, becoming the lead trainer of Big Money Stylist and Natural Beaded Rows®.

Now, with Danielle, she helms the ship of training stylists everywhere in both the NBR® and in BMS, ruthlessly dedicated to their success above all else.
Amanda Kelly
  Your Trainer in Houston Texas @ the Amanda K. Styling Salon
Amanda learned NBR® in 2014 when Danielle was in the beginning stages of educating. At the time, Amanda was renting a chair working 6-7 days a week making $6k max a month. Being a wife and mother this did not leave her a lot of time to be at home with her family.

Fast forward to 2016, Amanda was still doing NBR® but was struggling with gaining more clients, and when BMS was announced she joined immediately.

Amanda being a more shy personality, putting herself out there inside of advertising and marketing definitely pushed her out of her comfort zone. It forced her to level up not just BEHIND the chair, but in FRONT of the chair as well.

Three years later, Amanda owns her owns NBR® only extension salon, Amanda K Styling. She no longer works weekends, and is able to take vacation once a month to educate and spend time with her family. 

Amanda in three years has increased her income from $6k a month to $60k AVERAGE a month.

Amandas goal as a trainer is to reignite stylists passion for hair and support them down the path to financial freedom.
Candice Motley
 Your Trainer In Raleigh North Carolina @ the Garnish Salon
Candice began her BMS journey in 2016. From the beginning she showed a hunger to learn and grow regardless of how difficult or painful it was at the time.

She let go of over 300 clients and transformed her entire salon, Garnish, to be an extensions exclusive studio, with a specialty in curly extensions. All of the stylists at Garnish are now NBR® Certified Stylists! 

Making these small moves over time doubled her income from $5k to $10k a WEEK.

The willingness to put into practice all she learned with the Art of NBR®, and the business knowledge and tactics of BMS led to MASSIVE changes in her life and career. 

Three years later led to her position as an NBR® Trainer, to now guide new artists down the path to success.
Carlos Alvarez
 Your Trainer in Houston Texas @ the Trademark Salon
In 2016 Carlos owned an 8 chair salon, Trademark, and had the same struggles as most salon owners. 

How to run and operate a successful salon, hire a team that was eager to grow, time spent running a salon and servicing clients, maintaining friendship and owner boundaries were common day problems.

After joining BMS in 2016, Carlos began to take back control of his life and salon. He cut back days in the salon, increased his prices, and changed his focus to be NBR®. On top of all those changes, he implemented the BMS business trainings and restructured his salon, team members and foundation alike.

Now 3 years later, Carlos has grown his salon from 8 to 25 chairs, with an NBR® only area. His personal income grew from $5k a week to $11k a week, with a RECORD BREAKING $22k in ONE WEEK!

Carlos is very familiar with the color world having been a Goldwell educator for 11 years. Now he is bringing his knowledge of NBR®, Color, and Experience as a salon owner to all of the new NBR® Artists
Meet Anianne Rivera - NBR® Student Turned BMS Coach...
10 Steps to $20k/mo Working Only 3 Days a Week In the Salon
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